we are forever grateful for our clients

A Valuable Part of our Family & Business

Lynda and I have worked together since 2006 and she has become an essential part of our family. She is supremely professional, resourceful, dependable and available. Lynda has taken all the routine household management tasks off our hands: servicing our cars, paying bills, finding and meeting vendors, making phone calls and follow-up phone calls to solve issues. Basically, Lynda is there to do whatever we need her to do. In regards to my business, she has been a truly valuable asset to me. She has many resources at her fingertips for addressing problems and she rarely appears fazed in the least. Lynda posses all the qualities a great executive assistant should have. Her professionalism and flexibility has made her a true joy to work with. She is able to handle all tasks with ease and grace while holding a high level of confidentiality. Lynda is a trustworthy individual and an excellent assistant. She makes our lives so much easier and I cannot imagine her not continuing to be a part of my success!  - Benjamin

More free time

Lynda is not just a personal assistant, she is a problem solver. And, there isn't much she can’t handle. Instead of directing her what to do, I simply say, "here is the problem, please solve it" and she does. Whether it is a simple errand or a multi-million dollar problem, I can always count on Lynda to solve it, which allows more time for me to spend with my family and pursue my other interests. Lynda takes away time consuming activities from my schedule so I can have more free time.  - Joe

A party for Izzy

I just want you to know how truly impressed we were with Izzy's party. You've always done an impressive job but this was spectacular and it was extremely reasonably priced. I can't tell you how many people commented about how incredible the details were. It was so unique and tastefully designed–simply perfect for Izzy. It was such an easy experience for me, which I think is the biggest positive. I didn't have to stress about anything at all.  - Nadia