you live your life, we manage the details

The Catered Lifestyle list of services is as long and wide as your imagination. We’re happy to take care of the particulars. Here are just a few of the many types of services we provide:

Manage & Book Travel

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we have experience with all aspects of  international and domestic travel. Hotels, airline scheduling, logistics, passports, we’ve got it covered.

Manage Calendar

You’ve got a lot to do. We manage your calendar, schedule appointments, and keep your day on track.

Run Errands

Don’t spend your time picking up dry cleaning, going to the bank to make a deposit, or driving to the post office. We’ll take care of that for you.

Process Payroll

Do you have a small business or household staff you’d like to get on a regular payroll schedule? We can help with that.

Manage Finances

We monitor your credit report, prepare budgets and keep your finances on track.

Pay Bills

We’ll organize your bills and pay your
invoices on time.

Tax Preparation

It’s April 14 and you still don’t have all of those Schedule K’s and Donation Acknowledgment Letters from your favorite charity. Let us pull from our duplicate files and get those to the accountant.

Event Planning

Coordinate & Manage Car Repairs

Is there a light on your dash warning you that your oil needs to be changed or are you out of windshield wiper fluid? Let us take the car into the repair shop for you.

Coordinate & Manage House Repairs

We work with an approved list of plumbers, HVAC pros, and sprinkler system installers, and a full array of home repair experts. We set up a time, wait for their arrival, and stay during all repair work.

Coordinate & Manage House Staff

Are the Nanny and Gardner going to be off on Friday and you need someone to pick up the kids and get the landscaping done before your company arrives on Saturday? Let us work that out for you.

Coordinate & Manage Office Staff

We’ll swing by the office and check on staff activities, help navigate projects, meetings, whatever you need to help your business
run smoothly.

Personal Shopping

If you need a whole new wardrobe or just a gift for someone special, we’ll shop for just the right items.